What Is a PDF Converter

A PDF converter or PDF conversion technology is a very beneficial tool that anyone can use. First of all we need to explain what a PDF is. A PDF file is a universal way to exchange electronic information. This type of file was developed by Adobe corporation for this purpose. Any person can view a PDF file no matter what type of computer they may be using or what type of software they have installed. For example, someone who has Microsoft Word 2003 can view a PDF’s file’s texts, links, and pictures just as easy as someone with MS word 2007 or 2010.

PDF conversion technology allows you to transfer these universal PDF files into editable documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, and more. This is nice because normally you would not be able to edit this type of file while maintaining its text flow and format. PDF Converter technology allows you to do this. It is also possible to take documents from MS applications and other various documents and turn them into PDF files for anyone to view. This saves large amounts of time and money for everyone involved. Imagine being able to view this universal file online from anywhere, and then turn it into an editable document and change the content or analyze it. No more re-writing data for hours on end just to view it for yourself.

A very important use of PDF conversion technology is the ability to take a scanned piece of paper and turn it into an editable word document or what ever application you would like to view it on. This type of use is great for businesses that use lots of information online and analyze a lot of data. You will also have the ability to turn documents into professional looking online files with a PDF creator.
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