T-Shirt Printing

If you’ve tried to print a t-shirt you will have the understanding that it’s not that easy, especially if you want the t-shirt to last and the colors not to fade. The best results are achieved when t-shirt printing is done by a professional.

T-shirt printing techniques

One common difference between each provider is usually the methods that they use when printing t-shirts.

Specifically, the flock printing method seems to be the cheapest. This method smears the shirt with glue, and then flocks flakes in different colour. The flakes are not available in all colors and this printing method is quick to fade.

Screen printing is the technique most commonly used for t-shirts, garments, and plastic promotional items. Screen is a very old printing technique which involves transferring ink through gauze stretched on a frame. Screen printing is ideal when a large amount or product needs printed.

Custom embroidery is commonly used for hats and polo shirts. Embroidering your logo is an essential tool to reinforce the image of business.

Self-Made T-Shirts

You can buy commercial sets that contain special iron-on film that can be printed using a standard inkjet printer. The special film is ironed onto the shirt. The producers promise that the imprints remain respectable and colors last.

Summer T-shirt printing

The Internet gives you the opportunity to print a t-shirt for summer, whether for yourself or for friends. Anyone can print t-shirts. You can browse Internet shops and look at different motives, images or styles or you load your own photos.

Your own self-designed t-shirt is always something different and special. The t-shirts that you buy in-store have already been sold millions of times. You always run the chance of meeting someone on the bus, at the bar or public place that has the exact same t-shirt.

Women are often embarrassed. If you have already experienced this a few times, printing summer t-shirts is probably high on your list. Furthermore, custom printed t-shirts usually cost far less.

T-shirts are a practical solution for everyone, either because you do not want to wear oversold shirts, need to promote an event, company or band or because you’re a member of association or group.

Promote your business, your private life or standardize your staff. Promotional items are a great way to promote your business. Great for corporate gifts, giveaways at exhibitions, event souvenirs, gifts for clients, gifts for employees and any other creative use you need.


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