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There is no doubt that there are a lot of IVF Centers in whole of the world. But the procedure they followed, it is not same followed by all countries and all the clinics of the countries. Various factors are very distinct of the treatment of the IVF Clinics Procedure. The main cost factor is very much different of different countries. The techniques and machines they followed are also different. And if we are talking about the Nepal then I would only like to say that Nepal has best centers of IVF and surrogacy. IVF (In Vitro fertilization) process is used when couple wants to have their own baby but they can’t conceive due to some fertility problems. So IVF treatment helps those couples who want to have their baby and by follow this procedure women becomes pregnant. The egg of women place outside for fertilization of an egg in the laboratory dish. Then after it has to put back in the women uterus. By this procedure women getting pregnant and having their own child. The second one is surrogacy, Surrogacy means when woman give her womb on rent to give birth of the original parents baby. The woman who carries the pregnancy of the biological mother of the child is known as surrogate mother.

India has very best centers for the IVF treatments having expertise and qualified doctors. They used latest techniques and provide best treatment to their patients. And the parents who can’t carry the pregnancy due to the damage of fertilized egg of woman or the sperm issue of the father, they have to get the treatment with the surrogate mother and then they can fulfill their dreams having their own baby. In India, surrogacy treatment is done after making proper legal agreement between the couple and the individual (surrogate mother) who carrying the pregnancy of the intended parents. As compare to the other countries India gives proper legal surety of surrogacy and made proper contract so that after delivery of the child the surrogate mother can’t create any problem of not back to their child to their intended parents. So, to prevent all these things, India’s IVF and surrogacy Centres made proper agreement between the couple and women. Surrogacy Clinic Nepal has more benefits to people:-

In other countries, there is no permission to intend parents of child for meet the surrogate mother upto the delivery of the child. But in India, the intended parents of the child can meet and make the connection with the surrogate mother for taking information of their baby.

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Nepal provides the good compensation package to the surrogate mother with the additional benefits of cost. But in the other modern countries, they are not giving any compensation to the surrogate mother because they want that no woman give their womb on rent and not become the surrogate mother. That’s why most of the people from abroad come to India and gets the treatment with the help of the surrogate mother and then they fulfill their wishes with having their own child.

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