Sicily – Seaside

On the northwestern shore of Sicily, lying in the inlet and kept one of the Zingaro nature holds in the west and Mount Hood toward the east, lies San Vito Lo Capo, the city of Cous, a level image of harmony and mix among people groups and societies extraordinary.

Sparkling gem and pride of a territory, that of Trapani, holding on to be found, San Vito Lo Capo is an old town which jelly flawless the solid Arab.

In this spot, light scents and tastes meet up to make a scene with hues ordinarily Mediterranean and various suggestive: low white houses secured with bougainvillea, a white sand shoreline that neglects a turquoise ocean caretaker of old fortunes in an ideal grasp, one mile long, close to the Mediterranean.

Shading and recommendations, including almond and olive trees of Castelluzzo, dusks of Makari, springs, and surrenders, the bars and the towers, however particularly the aroma of a rich and liberal, that even nourishment can be phenomenal. Between “busiate” bread “cunzatu and Cous, kitchen San Vito, is a declaration of a people to individuals straightforward and genuine.

True cordiality, innovative food and the best wine of Sicily, vanquished the guest to stroll to the spots in this charmed corner of Sicily.

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