Press Releases As a Tool For Online Marketers

Internet marketers are, in general, very familiar with the benefits of article marketing and how their campaigns may profit from posting articles to online directories. Most, however, are not aware of the power of making one simple addition to their article marketing campaigns: Press Releases.

There are two basic things which draw people to the internet. Whether they are participating of social media sites, or just browsing the search engines, the bottom line is that people want information (content) or they want news. See, when someone goes to the internet to shop, they are not doing so just because they don’t want to drive to the shopping mall. They shop online mainly because they can access the most amount of information about the product in which they are interested in the least amount of time. So, they are drawn by the content. When people go to social media sites, they want to learn what’s new, what’s hip, what’s happening. They are in a very real sense, looking for news!

While articles, especially well-written ones, satisfy the need for content, they fall short on the news side of the equation. Adding Press Releases to the mix, takes care of that problem. See, Press Releases actually aim to do both: give information, and present the latest news. In fact, Press Releases give the reader news which have not happened yet, or which have just happened.

How do Press Releases work? Well, in execution, they are very similar to articles. You write an introduction with all the basic 5 W’s. Use that introduction to entice the reader to keep on reading. In a PR, you want to keep it factual and news-worthy. Follow with body paragraphs that give details and pertinent information about the news-worthy event, offer, or product. Here’s where the main difference between PR’s and articles comes in, though. In article writing, you want to avoid “pitching” your product or service. In a Press Release, however, you are almost expected to do so. You do, however, need to do it in a way that is filled with content and which is news-worthy (meaning frame the product or service presentation around something that is time-sensitive like a limited time offer, or new product launch).

Always end your PR with a summary of the main points, as well as a restatement of the details surrounding the release, launch or special offer. Make sure to give background on the product, service or company.

Once it is ready, submit your “news” to distribution sites. There are plenty of free distribution sites online. The most commonly known are PRLog and You can then tweak the PR’s a bit to use as articles to submit in your typical manner. In fact, many article directories, like IdeaMarketers, also offer Press Release distribution. One word of caution, though, as with article marketing, make sure to read and become familiar with the guidelines concerning anchor text and self-serving links associated with each submission site. For latest marketing news, check online here

Press Releases as a tool for online marketers can offer a really powerful, and effective way to get indexed by the search engines organically. So, do not hesitate. Ad this one little twist to your article marketing campaign, and you will see increased results.

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