Pros Of Morning Desert Safari In Dubai

morning desert safari

Looking for things to do in Dubai? Well, take your notepads out and start noting down the things we are going to tell you about because what we are going to provide you is full of adventure and fun.

MORNING DESERT SAFARI! Sounds exciting right? It is so much more than what it exhibits in its name. If you want to know what it contains then yes this is the right place to know about the whole loads of fun things you get to do in it.

Firstly, let us clarify what Morning Desert Safari in Dubai basically is!

Your tourism company picks you up on a morning and takes you to an exclusive adventure of the desert where you can explore the land of beautiful palm trees in many ways. The activities you’re provided with are full of fun with the essence of Arabs.

Fun Activities:

  • Your tourism company provides you with a vehicle based on the package that picks you up from your residence and drops you to the beautiful destination unfolding so many adventures.
  • In Morning Desert Safari, you get to do many outdoor activities freely as the desert is yet not so hot as it gets in the afternoon.
  • The tour starts in a pure Arabic way i.e. with Camel Riding. OH SO ARABIC, RIGHT?  There are well-trained camels provided by tourism companies to provide you with a luxurious camel ride on the sand dunes of Dubai.
  • Now, an adventurous thing that people who are into thrill will LOVE to do. Sand Dune Bashing, sounds so adventurous to us. You get to have a ride full of thrills on the red sand dunes of Dubai. A MUST thing you do if you love adventure.
  • Quad bikes are provided that are fit to be used by tourists and you can ride it in the desert. Wild, Young & Free feels!
  • Sandboarding is another thrilling experience in the Morning Desert Safari, Dubai. You get to ski on a board from a high sand dune the ride from the top of it to the ground till you fall or stop is full of fun. Reality check, even if you fall, you DO NOT get injured as its all soft as sand there.
  • Light refreshment in the meantime is also provided to keep you energized throughout the time that you spend in Morning Desert Safari, Dubai.
  • When the sun starts boiling out all the fun and energy, you are dropped back to your residence with a bag pack of memories and fun moments that you can flaunt till your next vacations to a more exciting place than this.
morning desert safari
Quadbiking Morning Desert Safari

That’s how you spend a day full of adventures being dipped in the essence of Arabs. It surely is more exciting to experience these things yourself so what are you waiting for? Get yourself a day booked for Morning Desert Safari, Dubai and don’t forget to share your experience with us as we assure you that it is going to be one unforgettable day.

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