Hair Extensions Coloring and Care Tips

One of the many things people wonder is whether hair extensions can be colored or not, especially if they are high quality human hair extensions. The answer is ‘Yes’ but you have to be careful.

From red carpet stars to the street fashionistas, hair extensions have become the ‘in-thing’. It’s no surprise that hair extensions have become one of the easiest and quickest ways of changing the way you look.

If you have made the decision of getting hair wigs and love experimenting with your hair, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you buy them:


There should be a perfect match with your original hair color and the extensions you choose. If you have bought virgin hair extensions, it usually comes in naturally dark shades only, therefore, you will have to dye it in order to match your hair.

Integrate extensions that are consistent with your hair and it is probably a good idea to buy extensions after you have colored your hair to make sure the color matches. Wait for at least three to five washes before purchasing extensions. That is when your hair shows the truest color of the dye.

Ask the Experts

If this is your first experience with extensions, it’s a good idea to visit a salon and take help from the hair experts there. You need to identify which hair extensions suit your hair texture. Rather than doing it yourself or taking a friends help, it is much easier to let a professional attach the extensions. The only DIY extensions are the clip-in ones that can easily be bought from the drugstore or ordered online.

Styling Tips

Use a brush with soft bristles and in gentle motions. Start from the end as you work your way to the top. Avoid upward motions as they can cause a tangling of the extensions. Use heating elements like straighteners and dryers as less as you possibly can if you want to keep them in a good condition for a longer time. Even though human hair weaving can be curled and treated, try to let the experts do their job and avoid experimentation.

Coloring Your Extensions

Even though most people love the look of the hair extensions, they may want to dye them to a better shade or to freshen up the look since the same color gets a little boring. You can either purchase colored hair extensions or dye them later to your desired shade after purchasing them. Decide on a color and in case you have darker hair, you can use light blond shades to achieve a lighter tone.

Clip on hair extensions always hold the dye better and if it’s your first attempt, try a semi-permanent dye so that there is no permeate damage in case things go wrong.

If you have made the decision of getting hair extensions [] and love experimenting with your hair, first of all, make sure you are buying high quality virgin hair that look like your actual hair. Avoid any kind of external heating and in case you feel like coloring, seek help from hair experts.

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